UNICEF-SAWM Partnership and Dissemination of Adolescent Voices

Unicef-SAWM India Media Initiative

In order to capture voices on adolescents, UNICEF has partnered with the South Asian Women for Media (SAWM INDIA), a pan-South Asia network of women journalists working in – print, TV, web and radio to cover adolescent stories and voices across India.

What sets this partnership apart from other initiatives in the past, is that we not only facilitated field visits for identified case studies by states but also supported the women journalists to cover field stories of their own choice. Data on adolescents and key areas to focus upon, were shared in a pre-briefing session for all the SAWM INDIA members.


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Aditi R.

Senior Correspondent - The Times of India, Chennai

Aishwarya Paliwal

Correspondent - Mirror Now

Anwesha Banerjee

Assistant Editor – Ei Somoy

Divya Goyal

Principal Correspondent, The Indian Express

Durba Ghosh

Senior Journalist - PTI

Kasturi Ray

Senior Editor, OTV Digital

Naveed Iqbal

Special Correspondent, Indian Express, Srinagar

Priscilla Jebaraj

Deputy Editor – The Hindu

Puja Singh

Senior Reporter - Prabhat Khabar

Rajitha Sanaka

Senior News Reporter, The New Indian Express, Hyderabad

Rashmi Drolia

Principal Correspondent – Times of India

Rinku Jha

Associate Editor of Hindustan, Patna

Sarah Hafeez

Special Correspondent, Indian Express, Allahabad

Sumitra Deb Roy

Associate Editor, The Times of India, Mumbai

Uma Devi

Special Correspondent of TV5, Hyderabad