About Tawahid Shiropa

My ten years of experience with the leading newspaper in Bangladesh, named the Daily Prothom Alo - Lead the content and publication of the feature page, Narimoncho- dedicated to women’s issues and Adhuna- a lifestyle page and more than 8000 published articles on gender, education, youth engagement, awareness building, success human stories and lifestyle undoubtedly prove my strong commitment for the social development and community welfare of Bangladesh. I also worked on various issues related to woman and children with strong communication and interpersonal skill. I am a self- motivated individual who is accustomed to work under pressure, deadlines, teamwork with an objective to build career Journalism. This strong commitment, integrity and diligence have brought me endless recognitions and awards, such as Women in Leadership, Inspiring Female in Journalism- press (2018), Young Women role Model and Entrepreneur (2017) and Best Reporter of the Year (2015). Apart of my engagement with this print media, I have also led and hosted endless sessions, civil society dialogues, radio and television programs and social events with different youth groups. Furthermore, I am the Founder of Moner Bondhu, a psychological school and support centre based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This platform initiates numerous training sessions, discussions, and youth engagement events to raise, recognize, respond issues of youth problems, such as depression, frustration, addiction, mental illness and cyber bullying and harassment in social media.
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