About Rashmi Drolia

Beginning from 2007, my journey of Journalism took me from places like Bengalluru to Mumbai, Delhi and Bhopal before I landed to my native place, Chhattisgarh-one of the worst Maoist insurgent states in the country. Focusing on crime against women / children and their rights, that included witch-hunting as prominent issue of Chhattisgarh, girl child trafficking that subjected them to confinement, forced prostitution and harassment in metros, I came a long way as one of the rare women journalist who would cover Maoist attacks in Bastar from ground zero. Taking a step further, the prestigious Defense Correspondents' Course conducted by Ministry of Defense was bestowed upon me. Series of stories on Swachch Bharat as well as loopholes in construction of toilets in Chhattisgarh, brought the government on toes when the plight of handicapped girls and women who found it extremely difficult dragging themselves to the fields for defecation, were brought to the fore. The impact was such that people from across the country contacted for extending help and building toilets for them. While a law on prevention of witchcraft was already in place, its implementation was lagging. Consistent stories on atrocities on women on the name of witch-hunt triggered awareness in remote regions with civil societies pitching in for its prevention. Starting the career from a regional daily to a national newspaper, I have covered and focused on multiple issues and earned a fellowship as well.
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