About Nirupama Subramanian

Nirupama Subramanian is the Resident Editor of The Indian Express, Chandigarh, and National Affairs Editor (North). Before this, she worked at The Hindu. She was a foreign correspondent for The Hindu in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. She began working as a journalist in the Times of India over 30 years ago, and has also worked at Sunday Observer and India Today. She won the Prem Bhatia award in 2008 and the Chameli Devi award in 2009.
Jinnah In My Room
19/05/2018, by in India, Social

“What are you going to do with that photo in your room?” Amma asked with a frown, when I was home recently. “Which one?” I asked, but should have guessed. “The Jinnah one,” my 86-year-old mum said. “The one in Read more...