About Mannika Chopra

Mannika Chopra is the Managing Editor of Social Change, CSD’s social science quarterly that presents analytical papers and policy discussions in the field of social development. She has had a distinguished career as a journalist, holding senior editorial positions with The Times of India, Kolkata’s The Telegraph and The Sunday Observer. She has also contributed regularly for various international media outlets like The Boston Globe and USA Today. She is currently researching and writing a book on the growth and impact of digital journalism. Mannika Chopra has followed her interest in the practice of media and threats to freedom of expression as Dean , 9.9 School of Communications, a Media Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and while teaching at Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi and the Columbia University’s School of Journalism, New York. As part of her specialisation she is closely linked with media collectives such as the Media Foundation. Along with leading women journalists, she has been one of the founders of the Indian Women’s Press Corps, a net working and resource centre for women journalists and South Asian Women in Media that seeks to professionally link women journalists in SAARC countries. She has majored in history at Lady Sri Ram College and holds a Masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University.
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