About Madhumita Datta

Madhumita Datta has 27 years of work experience as a journalist in different Bengali newspapers and has covered many important events. Currently, she is the Special Correspondent of Anandabazar Patrika. She has been covering Education, Human Rights issues. She is an 'Asia Journalism Fellow', 2010. Madhumita has authored two books, "Roktomakha Chhai" (Blood Smeared Ashes), based on the Gujarat Riots, 2002 and "Cyber Santras" (Cyber Terrorism), on cyber terrorism and cybercrime. Over the years she has also worked tirelessly to help meritorious students and ensured that they continue with their studies in whichever way possible. Madhumita made a documentary film ‘Tarader Katha’ to capture and highlight the pains and struggles of meritorious students coming from underprivileged backgrounds in rural Bengal, India. In 2006 she created a virtual community on Orkut to help needy but meritorious students of India in 2006. The community named ESO KICHU KORI is now a registered society.
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