About Iti Sharan

Iti Sharan is currently working as an Assistant Editor with Youth Ki Awaaz (a popular Delhi-based online Citizen Journalism platform). She holds over 4 years of experience in journalism, reporting from both hometown Patna in Bihar & Delhi. Previously she was associated with Hindustan Hindi Digital as a Sub Editor and Zee Media as a Reporter. She is also an artist and has a keen interest in making comics & illustrations. In Youth Ki Awaaz, she is the brain behind & designer of a comic series called 'Gazab Womania' which is a satire on stereotypes around women.
कश्मीरियों के खिलाफ देश में बन रहे माहौल के बीच कश्मीरियों से बातचीत

आप दिल्ली, मुबंई या देश के किसी भी कोने में हो कल से “कश्मीरियों हाय हाय, खून का बदला खून से लेगे” जैसे नारे लगाते लोगों के झुंड से आपका […] Read more...