About Dhaneshi Yatawara

Dhaneshi Yatawara is a journalist with nearly 16 years of experience working in print and online media. Drawing on her professional experience, her intentions in journalism have always traveled beyond simple reporting. Today, Yatawara’s professional interests have expanded to the challenging yet vibrant fields of advocacy and activism, rather being confined to journalism. Yatawara is passionate about social equality and democracy and its possibilities. Primarily my work was focused on news and news features. In addition to the general news coverage on areas of national and political importance, my focused areas of coverage are labour migration, gender reporting, reconciliation, resettlement and peacebuilding mechanism of the country. Since 2007 Yatawara has been covering the national security situation which included assignment tours to war-affected areas of the country. Yatawara’s varied background in reporting has provided a sustainable foundation for her enthusiasm in media communications in advocacy. Realizing the central role of communications, she expressed her enthusiasm to continue her passion to learn more on skills in strategic communication and outreach, web development, social media, information and knowledge management.
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