About Chathuri Dissanayake

Chathuri Dissanayake currently works as a Senior Journalist at Daily FT Sri Lanka the only financial newspaper in the island, covering political and current affairs in the country. Prior to joining Daily FT a year ago, she worked at Daily News as the News Features Editor. Dissanayake has also worked in the Sunday Times Sri Lanka. Dissanayake began her career in media in 2005 by working a field researcher on a one-year long documentary project on 2004 Tsunami victims. She then switched to print media, working for the Sunday Times Newspaper, for eight years. During the years working as a reporter, she has covered issues facing war victims, young rural women, bribery issues, and government misconducts. Her work has been recognised by the Editor's Guild of Sri Lanka by way of merit awards winning the 'Subramaniyam Chettiar Award for Social Reporting" at the annual Journalism Awards of Excellence in both 2012 and 2009.
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