Afghan Journalists must be Saved

Afghan Journalists must be Saved
Image from Dawn
28/08/2021, by , in Home Slider

The open letter of Afghan journalists: We don’t have immunity, international institutions should take action for our exit.

Information of the day: A number of vulnerable Afghan journalists have expressed concern for the safety of themselves and their families in an open letter to the United Nations, the international community, human rights advocacy institutions and journalist support organizations. In this letter, the recalled institutions are asked to find a way to evacuate vulnerable journalists before the exit process ends. In this letter, it is warned that if there is no action to evacuate vulnerable journalists, they will testify to increasing violence against journalists and their families: ′′ In this critical level, we want the world to take practical action to protect instead of observing. Do it for the lives of journalists and their families.”

In part of this letter, it says that the exit and rescue process of journalists was not clear according to the performance of the media mafia and should be clarified.

According to this letter, a number of female reporters have been unemployed with the explicit order of Taliban and the dominant percentage of media has rejected the reporters with a conservative approach.

Vulnerable journalists added in this letter that access to information is completely limited and some journalists have been beaten by Taliban while on duty.

The letter says: ′′ In some cases, Taliban have started door-to-door efforts and are looking for free journalists. Even that many journalists are now hiding in unknown parts to protect themselves.”

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