Changing mindsets with sanitary pads, and restoring dignity

Changing mindsets with sanitary pads, and restoring dignity

Menstruation is still a subject of gender disparity in India. Myths about menstruation are largely prevalent, forcing many girls to drop out of school early or be ‘ostracised’ during the five days every month. Even if they use sanitary napkins, their mobility is hampered due to absence of water and unclean bathrooms in schools. According to National Family Health Survey-4 in 2015, around 54 percent of adolescent girls were unaware of menstruation before they had their first period. And only 57.6 percent of women were using hygienic methods for menstrual protection. Trying to change practices and get rid of social stigmas is Kanyashree Prakalpa, a flagship project of the West Bengal Government, backed by Kanyashree Clubs

source: Grassroots

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